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Piano restoration has many levels from simply new keytops to a complete restoration with refinishing. Whether you have a family heirloom, or a Steinway for professional venue, we offer the finest in all levels of piano rebuilding. We are experienced in restoration for the home, school or concert hall. 

Action Regulation & Voicing

Each piano is put through the process of preliminary, intermediate and final regulation and voicing. These are meticulous adjustments to each moving part in order to realize the full potential of the piano as a musical instrument. Complete action regulation is a process that involves cleaning and bedding the keyframe, minimizing friction, establishing a best key height and key travel (dip), key squaring and spacing, hammer blow distance, alignment and vertical travel of all components of the wippen and hammer assemblies, hammer shape and density, adjustments of the repetition lever, jack, repetition spring, back check, let off, drop and after-touch assessment.  Damper regulation and timing are also a component of this comprehensive process.


Keytop replacement, ivory repair, keyframe felting and custom replacement of action parts including: wippens (repetitions), hammers, shanks and flanges. Our parts come from renowned manufacturers such as Steinway & Sons, Renner, Abel, Mapes Piano String Co., Tokiwa and others.






Soundboard repair or replacement, new custom pinblock fitting and boring, damper felts, tuning pins and custom string replacement. Our soundboards either restored or new and are varnished with high quality varnish. The plate, or harp, is re-bronzed with hand lettering of the embossed letters of the plate completes this process.





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